ACCEDE 2019 | Workshop on COTS | PROGRAMME

ACCEDE 2019 | Workshop on COTS | PROGRAMME


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08:00- 09:00 Registration

09:00 – 09:30 Welcome - workshop opening

Session 1.1: Needs and requirements of End Users – ESA K. Lam/ ALTER D. Nuñez

09:30: Alessandro Le Pera – EUTELSAT  – Eutelsat perspective on High End Digital Processing enabled by using COTS

09:45: Salvatore Danzeca & Ruben Garcia Alia – CERN – The COTS Use in Harsh Radiation Environment of the CERN Accelerators Complex

10:00: Patrick Langlois – EDA – COTS in Defence

10:15: Kristiina Jokela – INMARSAT – Needs and requirements of COTS at Inmarsat

10:30: Fabio VITOBELLO – EU – COTS : a way to support EU Space Policy

Session 1.2: Strategies towards the use of COTS – ESA A. Pesce / ALTER E. Díaz

14:30 – 15:00 Key Note Speech 1: Dan Friedlander – Overview of use of COTS

Session 1.3: Part 1: Space Mission Providers & Integrators or Equipment Suppliers – ESA Lead: Ph. Armbruster / ALTER F. Tilhac

Session 1.3: Part 2: Space Mission Providers & Integrators or Equipment Suppliers F. Tonicello / ALTER F. Tilhac

18:30 – 19: 45: Panel Discussion 1 – “The user and primes perspectives on the value and need of COTS use” – Moderator: Ph. Armbruster ( ESA ) Click to download conclusions

The composition of the Panel# 1 on “The User and Primes perspectives on the value and need of COTS use” is as follows:

TAS:              Didier Dantes
EUTELSAT:      Pierre Timmerman
ESA:                Britta Schade
ADS/TESAT:    Alain Mouton
SENER:           Jose Gala
EDA:                Patrick Langlois

08:30 Welcome

Session 2.1: Component manufacturers – ALTER G. Largaespada

09:00: Nicolas Ganry – Microchip – COTS to scalable Rad Tolerant and Rad Hard solutions

09:15: Jim Ryan – Analog Devices – COTS for Space – an ADI perspective

09:30: Aimen Oeslaty – VISHAY – The Use of COTS Components for Space Applications

10:15: Christophe Boucheron – INTERSIL / RENESAS – Selection and Analysis of COTS power management devices under radiation

11:00: Thibault BRUNET – STM – ST value proposition for New Space

Session 2.2 – Part 1: Technology Issues – ESA K. Lundmark / ALTER O. Ramos

Session 2.2 – Part 2: Technology Issues ESA K. Lundmark / ALTER O. Ramos

14:00: Luis de Pablo Martínez –TAS /Tyndall / ESA – Assessment of Automotice EEE Components Suitability for Space Applications

14:30: Agustin Coello Vera – ALTER TECHNOLOGY – Lead Free transition. For the European Space Sector

14:45: Alessandra Costantino Mucio – ESA – Irradiation test facilities for COTS EEE components

15:45 – 17:00: Panel discussion 2 – “Technology Issues associated with the COTS use for space” – Moderator : G. Fernández. ( ALTER TECHNOLOGY)  Click to download Conclusions

The composition of the Panel# 2 on ” Panel 2 – Technology Issues associated with the COTS use for space” is as follows:

Consultant: Dan Friedlander

ESA: Karin Lundmark

INFINEON: Semyra Vasquez-Borucki

TAS: Stéphane Vanderminnen

ADS: Daniela Staerk

INVAP: Roberto Cibils

Session 2.2 – Part 3: Technology Issues – ESA Lead : Ali Zadeh / ALTER G. Fernandez

Session 3.1: Mission perspective : Open Forum – ESA Lead : Laurent Marchand

11:00: Emmanuel Rouvier – ESA – ESA Mission classification and evolution of ESA RAMS approach for COTS EEE

11:15: Charlène Doucet & Anastasia Pesce – CNES & ESA – ECSS-Q-ST-60-13 REVISION

11:30: Harald Schone – NASA/JPL – Small Satellites Demand Innovation in Reliability

11:45: Denis Bousquet – AXA & Rocío Pereira – MARSH – TBD Space Insurer current view on COTS

12:15: WRAP UP & Conclutions – ACCEDE Organization 

 12:30 End of ACCEDE WORKSHOP 2019


Sener Aeroespacial

Microchip Technology


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Catedra Alter Technology

Session 1.1: Needs and requirements of end users.

The session will cover the view of the end users: operators, final customers, etc., including the perspective of insurance companies involved in space insurance services.

Session 1.2: Strategies towards the use of COTS.

The session will cover the current and future strategies from main space agencies, not only the classical (e.g NASA, ESA, JAXA) but also from other geographical regions like South-America, Asia.

 The intention is to address both classical space projects as well as new space concepts.

Session 1.3.a-b: Space Mission Providers & Integrators or Equipment Suppliers.

 The session will cover the experience of space equipment manufacturers and systems integrators who are already using COTS and the pressures from customers and the market to increment its use in the future. Examples of use cases, success – failure stories,…, etc., will be provided including some trend in the new EEE policy adoption for new missions and constellations.

Session 2.1: Component manufacturers.

The session covers the views and opinions of the electronic component manufacturers, assessing the wider space demands in terms of performances, cost,…, etc. and new products and solution to cover the identified needs

Session 2.2.a-b: Technology Issues.

Experts in specific disciplines will provide talks on the technology issues affecting the wider use of COTS parts in space applications, including the latest state of the art views on radiation issues, outgassing, pure tin, high-temperature solders, processes…, etc..

Session 2.3: Risk Management.

The use of COTS, with its potential risk increase, has implications at other levels, from the design process, the implementation of mitigation techniques, the need to have proper methodologies to perform reliability predictions,…, etc. The session will cover all aspects of risk management directly linked to increased use of COTS and new product assurance approaches, which are appearing to address the issues.