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Qualified Part List (QPL´s). ISSUES ESCC (Europa)

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What is a Parts Procurement Control Parts (PPCP)?

Manuel Sánchez Ruiz
September 28, 2020
What is a Parts Procurement Control Parts (PPCP)_
PPCP defines the technical provisions and all the associated procedures for EEE parts, including all the engineering and quality assurance aspects. This allows to establish an homogeneity regarding parts quality and depe...

New issue of ESCC 9000 specification

José Francisco Largaespada
March 17, 2021
ESCC 9000
Space standards such as generic and detailed specifications are not frozen documents, and they need to change to adapt to the changes in the space industry and the new developments that arise.

New issue of ESCC 5000 specification

Manuel Sánchez Ruiz
March 15, 2021
ESCC 5000
The manufacture and testing of EEE parts designed for the Space market are complex procedures that strict specification systems have ruled for years. These specifications depend on various factors such us, country of ori...


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Qualified Part List DLA, Defense Logistic Agency (EE.UU)

First QML-P Flow Plastic Microcircuits in DLA QML-38535

First QML-P Flow Plastic Microcircuits In DLA QML-38535
Discover Texas Instruments' groundbreaking QML-P flow plastic microcircuits, the first to meet DLA QML-38535 standards, offering cost-effective and reliable solutions for space applications with enhanced radiation tolera...

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