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Engineering and Project Management Support



Susana Galdeano
May 3, 2022
The pre-procurement phase combines the EEE parts state-of-the-art analysis, risk analysis and component ownership cost optimization with regards to the mission requirements, design criticality and budget. In order to...
Semiconductors Industry Shortage

Semiconductors Industry Shortage

Eva Díaz
October 25, 2021
Semiconductors are essential for any digital product (on the rise) in practically all industrial sectors. Their demand has multiplied due to changes in habits during the pandemic. Worldwide shortages, including raw mater...

Components Procurement Requirements

Susana Galdeano
February 3, 2021
The preferred procurement channel is through the manufacturers, and if not, through duly authorised/franchised distributors, which allow minimizing the risk of delivery of counterfeit parts. In any case, a specific anti-...
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Photonics and Optoelectronics

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Qualified components, Enhanced components, Automotive parts, and COTS are part of Compare all different scenarios and technical information within the platform to help you choose the proper components and strategy for your Space Application.

RF & Microwave

What is RFID? (radio frequency identification)

What is RFID
RFID (radio frequency identification) is automatic recognition technology that uses wireless communication. Generally, a system or a part that uses an IC tag to identify or control various items via wireless communicatio...

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