Electronic Design Services

From concept design to manufacturing

We provide electronic design services, from concept design to manufacturing

We are formed by highly experienced engineers in the different fields of electronic design, including Analog, Mixed-signal, and Digital Design, Power Electronics, Optoelectronics, RF PCB layout, and FPGA, covering application fields like aerospace, automotive and industrial. 

Electronic Design Services

ALTER TECHNOLOGY  offers all its expertise to its customers to carry out these electronic design services 

Hardware & Software Design

The know-how allows us to offer high reliability and performance designs with all certified needed:
• Hardware electronic design
• Software and firmware development
• FPGA design

Hardware & Software Design

Prototyping Service

Quick turn prototypes as part of the design process. PCB prototyping, through-hole-technology (THT), and surface-mount devices (SMD) components. FR4 “flame retardant”, IMS “Insulated Metal Substrate” PCBs. Selective and reflow soldering

Prototying Service

Electronic Product Testing

We can test prototypes and production boards and components in our environmental and EMC labs to qualify the designs.

Climatic and thermal shock chamber, vibration, EMC test (Radiated and Conducted)

Electronic Product Testing

Electronic Assembly Procurement

Depending on the production volumes and technology needed for the assembly, we take the production to different companies to make sure the product is built according to customer requirements

Electronic Assembly Procurement

Design Project Management

Turnkey projects from concept design to manufacturing include components procurement, supplier validation and audits, customer requirements, cost control, and cost reductions management—time to market optimization

Design Project Management

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Technical design capabilities

PCB design service (FR4, IMS, Flex…), Design for Manufacturing, Design For EMC, Microcontroller programming, Analog, Mixed Signal and Digital Design, RF Design, Electronic Design for low and mid Power, CAE / Simulation, FPGA Design, … 

Performance and cost of the design for manufacturing and assembly are mainly based on the PCB design and how the design rules for manufacturing have been applied during the design phase.

When we speak about electronics product design and development, design and manufacturing are considered separate processes. However, these processes should be regarded as a single process with a feedback loop back to the designer. This is how development should be considered to make competitive, fast-to-market, and low-cost products.

A field-programmable gate array (FPGA) is an integrated circuit designed to be configured by a customer or a designer after manufacturing, hence the term field-programmable.

FPGA offers a wide range of functions, such as networking and routing processors, communication processors, and image and video processors. At ALTER we have a design area with extensive experience in the Digital Microelectronic world, providing high-performance customized solutions for all kinds of needs. Our know-how includes designs for Rad-Hard environments such as automotive and aerospace sectors

As a complement to the electronic design, sometimes it is also needed to design the housing or enclosure where the electronics board is going to be placed. The housing could be plastic or metal housing. Each material has proper design techniques and tools modules. ALTER design engineers’ expertise covers several materials and fabrication processes to provide the customer with the complete design package for electronics and mechanical parts.

Most electronic assemblies contain a programmable device like a microcontroller, FPGA, etc… These devices simplify the electronic design as they replace thousands of discrete parts needed to fulfill the function required by the specifications. The firmware programming process usually starts after the programmable device has been chosen by the customer or by the engineering team through a programming evaluation board; later on, once the electronics design has been built, the code needs to be tested in the electronics assembly for final acceptance. ALTER’s engineering team has a vast experience in Firmware design using C++, Java, and Python.

The Printed Circuit Board PCB is the substrate where all the components and connections of our design are laid out. It is unique for each design, and it needs to be redesigned (most of the time) if any change in the schematics occurs.

It plays the most important role in any given design. It is not only the part holding the components and connections among them but also has a direct relationship to the cost of the design, manufacturability, testability, functionality, and qualification of the design.

ALTER has a work team with extensive experience in low and mid-Power Electronics Design for power conversion and motor control. This know-how includes DC/DC converters and DC/AC single-phase and three-phase converters. We manage a wide variety of topologies depending on needs, such as Buck, Boost, Flyback, and H-Bridge converters with high-frequency planar transformers. We engineer resonant topologies too, such as ZVS and ZCS.

Our knowledge allows us to advise our customers and offer customized solutions to meet their needs.

RF design is a very particular field when speaking about electronic design. Amplifiers, frequency converters, mixers, oscillators, filters, and antennas… are basic function blocks in RF systems. An excellent understanding of material properties and parasitic elements is key to RF circuit design properly. At High Frequencies, any component or piece of copper parasitic characteristic will affect the circuit performance.

Electronic Design software we use

  • Altium Designer for Schematics and PCB design

PCB design SW combines design and simulation, including schematics capture and PCB design.

  • Inventor Autodesk for Mechanical Integration.

Mechanical design SW is used to design, simulate and document all kinds of parts in 3d modeling.

Hardware Design ALTER Projects


ALTER has an experimented team with extensive experience in electronic design services for industrial, automotive, aerospace & defense, and communications market. We offer a complete service-oriented design manufacturing that includes all chains from product conception to industrialization.

ATN Hardware Design projects

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