Microwave & RF Testing

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ALTER takes a step further, offering to his customers a full set of activities in microwave & RF testing to perform on traditional low frequency , RF EEE components and microwave devices.

Microwaves & RF are commonly defined as electromagnetic waves with wavelengths ranging from one meter to one millimetre, that is, with frequencies between 300 MHz up to 300 GHz.

Qualitatively, we may talk about microwaves and RF when the frequencies used are high enough that wavelengths of signals are roughly the same as the dimensions of the circuit.

In this situation, classical circuit theory is inaccurate, and instead distributed circuit elements and transmission-line theory methods shall be used for design and analysis. Moreover, the equipment for test and characterization of microwave & RF components differs from the equipment required for testing low-frequency components.

The engineering team working in our microwave & RF laboratory testing gathers the necessary experience in the design, analysis, and test of microwave and RF components for any microwave and RF technology: MMIC, microstrip, coaxial, rectangular waveguide…

Microwave & RF testing laboratory 

The microwave & RF testing laboratory provides all the services required to meet the most stringent quality requirements of high-reliability markets, thanks to the:

  • Know-how of our microwave & RF experts
  • Test and measurement equipment
  • Environmental testing facilities
  • Packaging and assembly capability
  • Space heritage of the company