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doEEEt is not only a Hi-Rel EEE components database, doEEEt links them with related documentation, activities, and laboratory testing.

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Wirewound Resistors

Wirewound Resistors

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The general derating that is recommended is based on the author’s experience and analysis of relevant information within the subject field. One source of information ought to be mentioned: MIL-HDBK-97...
Diode RC Snubber Explained

Diode RC Snubber Explained – Video

Elena Vallejo
In this video, Prof. Sam Ben-Yaakov explains the function of a diode RC snubber and how to define a snubber resistor and snubber capacitor. In a boost converter example, the function of the diode R...
What Are EMI Filters

What Are EMI Filters?

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Learn about electromagnetic interference (EMI) and why it needs to be filtered to ensure proper functioning of electronic devices. Explore how EMI filters operate and their crucial role in suppressing...
Introduction to EMI Filtering

Introduction to EMI Filtering

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EMI filtering is an essential element of equipment design to meet international legislation such as the EU Directive on EMC or the FCC. Introducing screening measures to cases or cables, for example,...
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Qualified components, Enhanced components, Automotive parts, and COTS are part of Compare all different scenarios and technical information within the platform to help you choose the proper components and strategy for your Space Application.

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Find in doEEEt any component included in your design is a web portal that allows you to find more than 21 million components within a database of the exact solution for your need. The first database of space-qualified hi-rel components is now at your service.

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  • Comparison of scenarios: Qualified vs. Automotive vs. COTS.


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