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doEEEt is not only a Hi-Rel EEE components database, doEEEt links them with related documentation, activities, and laboratory testing.

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Snap-In Supercapacitors

Snap-In Supercapacitors

doEEEt Media Group
The WCAP-SISC EDLC snap-in supercapacitors are available with capacitance values of 100 F and 350 F – this is the perfect solution for applications with high power and high energy requirements, such a...
Glass, MICA, Air and Vacuum Capacitors

Glass, MICA, Air and Vacuum Capacitors

doEEEt Media Group
These electrolytic capacitors have high instability and poor tolerances, and their performance deteriorates when they are subjected to high leakage current or high temperatures. Plastic film and paper...
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Testing Methods EEE Parts

New Whiskers Phenomena

New Whiskers Phenomena?

doEEEt Media Group
August 1, 2020
Some PCBAs were submitted to a whisker test +85°C 85% RH for 200h duration and additional 2h from +85°C/85% RH-T° +25°C/50% RH 5 Cycles

Why do a Residual Gas Analysis?

Dimas Morilla
August 28, 2020
Residual Gas Analysis, also known as Internal Gas Analysis (IGA), is a destructive test which is performed to examine the atmosphere inside hermetically sealed devices. The test procedure is based on milling the componen...

Slogan GaN based technologies

doEEEt Media Group
January 13, 2020
SLOGAN is an international research project co-funded from EU 7th Framework Programme. The project Space Qualification of High-Power SSPA based on GaN technology (SLOGAN) aims at designing, developing, implementing a GaN...
Failure analysis

Doing Failure Analysis in EEE Parts

Mari Carmen López
March 29, 2020
Failure analysis is the process of analysing the component data or the component itself to determine the reason(s) for degraded performance or catastrophic failure of a component either, during component manufacturing an...
External visual inspections

What is an External Visual Inspection?

David Ramirez - Cruzado
May 21, 2020
Consists of a non-destructive optical inspection. Binoculars with magnification between 1x and 60x and with a relatively large and accessible field of view are employed for this purpose. The aim of this process is to ve...


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