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doEEEt is not only a Hi-Rel EEE components database, doEEEt links them with related documentation, activities, and laboratory testing.

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COTS components for defence, opportunities and threats

The use COTS for defence

doEEEt Media Group
This presentation will highlight the use COTS for defense, describe some of the specificities and challenges associated with the introduction of COTS in military equipment and conclude on synergies wi...
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Testing Methods EEE Parts

electrical testing

Alter Technology SAM Additional Testing Capabilities

Francisco Javier Aparicio Rebollo
January 29, 2020
Among the test flow where SAM microscopy is used, other tests are carried out in which Alter Technology also has extensive experience, giving its customers the possibility of doing all the necessary tests with our expert...

Download FAQs – Scanning Acoustic Microscopy

Raquel Irene Cano Cordero
February 23, 2022
Over the years, our experience in CSAM testing has allowed us, among other things, to have conversations with clients who have come to us with questions about our laboratory services. In ALTER, we are an expert and rel...
Environmental tests

How to perform an Environmental Test?

Javier Alejandro de la Ossa Fernández
October 21, 2020
Performing an environmental test means subjecting the device or system to certain environmental conditions (cold, dry heat, relative humidity, etc.) in order to check if the operational parameters remain within the range...
HAST test

Know all the characteristics of a HAST test?

Álvaro Ricca Soaje
February 21, 2019
HAST test reduces the time it takes to complete the typical humidity 85 ºC / 85% RH testing for semiconductors (96 HAST hours are equivalent to 1000 THB hours). By elevating temperatures above 100°C (usually up to 130°C)...

Why do a Residual Gas Analysis?

Dimas Morilla
August 28, 2020
Residual Gas Analysis, also known as Internal Gas Analysis (IGA), is a destructive test which is performed to examine the atmosphere inside hermetically sealed devices. The test procedure is based on milling the componen...
Evaluation of Electronic Assemblies aTN

Evaluation of Electronic Assemblies

Mari Carmen López
July 18, 2020
Assembly process of THT or SMT onto PCBs for spacecraft applications follow well-established design requirements based on specifications prepared by ECSS (ECSS-Q-ST-70-08C & ECSS-Q-ST-70-38C), NASA and IPC (IPC-6012).


Qualified components, Enhanced components, Automotive parts, and COTS are part of Compare all different scenarios and technical information within the platform to help you choose the proper components and strategy for your Space Application.

doEEEt-EEE componentes

Find in doEEEt any component included in your design is a web portal that allows you to find more than 21 million components within a database of the exact solution for your need. The first database of space-qualified hi-rel components is now at your service.

  • Access to technical information.
  • Access to procurement information: prices, lead times…
  • Get quotations from all different manufacturers.
  • Qualification activities applicable.
  • Access to specifications, test reports, radiation information.
  • Access to available stocks.
  • DCL manager to manage your procurements.
  • Comparison of scenarios: Qualified vs. Automotive vs. COTS.


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