What is doEEEt?

doEEEt.com is the first release of GATEWAY, an ALTER TECHNOLOGY project.

ALTER TECHNOLOGY is a quality-driven company providing procurement, engineering, and test services for electronic components and systems, within space and harsh environment markets, where failure is not an option.

GATEWAY program means digitalization, closeness to electronic hi-rel components actors, collaboration. GATEWAY intends to stay closer to the space community by providing a technology-based solution for the space community.

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More than 22 Millions of Components

doEEEt is the only EEE Parts database with more  than 22 millions of components

Electrical Electronic Electromechanical (EEE) parts catalogue.


The first product, doEEEt.com is a web portal that allows you to find within a database of more than 22 million components the exact solution for your need. The first database of space-qualified hi-rel components is now at your service.

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Get a quick price/delivery estimation of your components, being the first in front of your customer

Free Analysis of your electronic parts BOM

Improve your design in terms of performance, reliability, cost and delivery using doEEEt

All Related Documentation for EEE Parts

It´s not only a Hi-Rel EEE components database, doEEEt links them with related documentation and activities

Select the most suitable components for your design

We guide you through our tool to select the right components for your design

Specific Information about HI-REL components

Know all the tests necessary for each specific component to make it suitable for space missions

Best Team Of Profesionals

A team of professionals working to provide the latest information on specifications and related documentation, testing applied to components as well as maintaining