What is doEEEt?

doEEEt is a web platform where key information related to EEE components from different manufacturers is gathered together staying available to be consulted anytime anywhere by anyone.

doEEEt main goal is to provide the space community with a single stop place where all the needed information to fulfill the project requirements is contained.

doEEEt is the only database of Hi-Rel EEE parts, allowing the user to be more efficient in the components selection and information searching, gaining competitiveness as well as the time to market improving.

As an information platform Big Data technology-based and with the use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms, we offer to the Space Industry users all the tasks related to EEE Parts management such as: components selection, components parameters comparisons at a glance, cost procurement estimations, alternative components search, related services and additional activities recommended, access to related information (Specifications, QPLs, Testing Flows, Manufacturer notifications,…), DCL´s / Bom´s manager and many more, including request for quotations/information

Yes, doEEEt allows you to make performance comparisons between EEE components belonging to the same category and the nearly 300 components manufacturers listed on the platform.

At doEEEt you have access to thousands of ESCC, DLA, JAXA specifications and QPLs as well as any other related information to the EEE components. All information is indexed to help you find what you're looking for with minimal effort.

We also provide weekly updates of specifications and QPLs in our EEE TECH BLOG.

Into the detail page of any component cataloged in doEEEt, it is offered: value of the main generic and specific parameters (electrical and mechanical), alternative components search, cost procurement estimations (including request for quotations/information), related services and additional activities recommended, access to related information (Specifications, QPLs, Manufacturer notifications,…), component addition to the comparison tool and to your own DCL´s / Bom´s, a complete access to the testing Flow of qualification and screening (including the test methods) where the user can easily check the delta testing needed for a specific component in order to make it suitable for the mission, and many more…

You don't need to be registered to find out components, manufacturers or even any documentation, but if you want full access to our DCL´s/BOM´s manager, comparison tool and/or price estimations, you must be registered.

Just remember doEEEt its FREE REGISTER!

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DCL/BOM Manager Manual

All the questions about the Declared Component List – DCL, are resolved in this manual.

Comparison Tool

Compare all the information about components within doEEEt or even get an equivalent model to your design.

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