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Status of the ESA COTS initiative
November 18, 2019
To meet the opportunities and challenges arising in the context of future space systems, digital and mass manufacturing revolution, emerging space markets and high pressure to reduce cost; an...
Assessment of automotive EEE Components Suitability for Space applications
November 27, 2019
This paper will present the assessment of automotive qualified components for Space applications being performed in the frame of ESA Contract 4000126343/19/NL/hh. The proposed work to be performed includes...
Radiation Assurance on COT
December 03, 2019
Key Note Speech 2: Radiation Assurance on COTS – Philippe Calvel
Reviving U.S. military standards to infuse new technology and to meet the needs for new missions
December 03, 2019
The use of Cubesats is growing. This is mainly due to the need for low-cost communications satellites, new business evolving around earth observation services, and so on. These drive...
TAS Experience with AEC Devices in Launcher applications
December 03, 2019
This document will detail the TAS’s experience with automotive devices in the frame of launcher applications (Ariane-6 & VEGA). Main findings in constructional analysis (more than 90 constructional analysis...
CORHA - Radiation Screening of COTS Components and Verification of COTS RHA Approach
December 03, 2019
Space industry is changing very fast since the last few years. With the explosion of the information society a lot of new players have come into the space market....
TDK introduces high efficiency thin-film power inductors for mobile devices
November 18, 2019
TDK Corporation (TSE:6762) announces the development of a miniaturized thin-film power inductor in an IEC 2012 case size that can handle higher currents compared to conventional products. The low-profile...