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Virtual Vibration Laboratory

María Teresa Rodríguez
ATN Facility
Alter Technology developed an online platform where the customer can design its own test solution specifically adapted to the actual needs and requirements and monitor the result i...

Silicon Carbide Power Diodes

doEEEt Media Group
The Silicon Carbide power diodes were specifically designed for protection of solar cells arrays in solar panels mounted in satellites and space exploration modules. The first batc...


doEEEt Media Group
ALTER TL-FP3421 provides an efficient way to control and monitor the current status of a 19” Galileo COTS-based system with three LEDs, and one more LED indicates if the system is...

FLAME: Frequency Stabilised Laser

doEEEt Media Group
FLAME is a compact, frequency-stabilised laser module with integrated vapour cell that allows locking to spectral features of an atomic reference. This first FLAME product addresse...