doEEEt Electronic Components for use in Space

doEEEt Electronic Components for use in Space Database provides users with 22 million of Hi-Rel EEE references.

Every part from all manufacturers in one single place, avoiding the user the navigation over the different manufacturer’s places.

All in all will result in an efficiency improvement that brings to cost reduction when designing.
Check the delta testing needed for a specific component in order to make it suitable for your mission.
Access to the testing flow of qualification and screening for all types.
Link to the methods and access to the documents provided.
All needed information at a glance provides you immediate access to thousands of specifications from ESCC, DLA, and JAXA.

All the information is indexed to help to find what you are looking for with a minimum effort


Learn more about doEEEt and its capabilities as the only database tool for EEE Parts

DCL/BOM Manager ESA Manual

All the questions about the Declared Component List – DCL, are resolved in this manual.

Comparison Tool

Compare all the information about components within doEEEt or even get an equivalent model to your design.