CPSA for EEE Components

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Consultancy for Coordinated Component Selection and Test Plan, and Procurement for tets components and tests performance for future Science Missions  – CPSA

The CPSA is a project supported by Alter Technology to provide Consultancy services related to EEE parts during the early phase of space missions covered by the ESA Science Programme. At this stage, the definition of technical aspects and requirements for the different instruments is still taking place. It is the best moment for EEE part selection and assessment according to mission requirements.

The main aims of the CPSA are:

  1. to anticipate potential issues that could lead to problems if spotted in later phases, and therefore,
  2. to prevent/reduce the risk derived from these problems in the procurement phase when any issue can impact the timeline, cost, scope, or quality of the instruments;
  3. To spot recurrent requests that may evidence emerging needs in the industry of EEE parts.

The platform is structured in four basic virtual dialogue forms:

  • CRF: Consultation Request Form. Created by the instrument users and reviewed and approved by ESA. Contains the consultation with the question or concern to be addressed or investigated.
  • CAF: Consultation Answer Form. Created by the CPSA team at ATN and reviewed and approved by ESA. Contains the proposal of the work to be performed to address a certain CRF.
  • WOF: Work Order Form. This form is intended for financial purposes and only visible to ATN and ESA.
  • WRF: Work Report Form. Created by the CPSA and reviewed and approved by ESA. Contains the work performed, the outcome, and the consequences for the science payload instrument team, together with the corresponding test reports, when applicable.

To find out how to use the platform and create a CRF, please watch the tutorial below.

Video Tutorial CPSA

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