Use of COTS in Space missions at SENER Aeroespacial

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Use of COTS in Space missions at SENER Aeroespacial: lessons learned, main challenges and future opportunities

Sofía Ruiz

SENER Aeroespacial


In today’s Space industry there is an increasing drive to introduce the use of COTS components, both as mission enablers and for cost reduction purposes, without affecting the mission’s reliability figures.

SENER Aeroespacial has a long heritage in the Defence industry, where COTS are used extensively. We are currently in the process of transposing some of the knowledge acquired in that area to our Space business, in terms of COTS selection criteria and design rules for high reliability and long service life, among others.

In this presentation we will highlight the main challenges we are facing in this process as well as some of the lessons learned associated with COTS usage for our ongoing Space projects.