Requirements for COTS components usage on JAXA

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Requirements for COTS components usage on JAXA - Current situations and issues -

Akifumi Maru

Safety & Mission Assurance Department of JAXA


Due to its advanced performances and cost saving, use of COTS components has been considered in the applications not only for the “NEW SPACE” satellites but also for JAXA’s spacecraft. JAXA has also been examining the possible use of COTS components and clarifying the conditions and specifications. As an outcome of the examination, we established four kinds of “Handbook of the Use of Commercial EEE Parts in Space Applications” which consists of the conditions and evaluation methods for each of four classified mission criteria for the purpose of utilizing the COTS components.

In this presentation, an outline of the requirements for COTS usage in JAXA will be introduced based on the above handbooks. The issues of the above handbooks such as evaluation time and up-screening costs, and the current progress of the activities for these issues (evaluating whisker mitigation effects using conformal coating at ISS “Kibo” and establishing radiation test methods for analog device) will also be explained in this presentation.