Radiation characterization and functional verification of COTS

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Radiation characterization and functional verification of COTS components for space applications (RACOCO)

Michael Steffens

Fraunhofer INT


In the scope of the GSTP program, Fraunhofer INT will perform radiation tests and functional verification tests on COTS components under contract of the European Space Agency. It’s key points are twofold:

First it’s to identify and test available COTS components whose functionality or properties would greatly benefit the space community. This will make use of the so-called spin-in approach.

The project is currently in the first phase of test candidate identification. The basic suitability is then checked in a preliminary screening campaign and components that pass this will be subjected to in-depth testing. Suitable devices will be recommended for further qualification tests beyond radiation to enable use in space.

The second key point is to assess test methods and methodology for COTS components in general, such that the data and experience can be used beyond the qualification of the specific parts but can rather lead to guidelines for future COTS testing.