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Mission Profile Evaluation for Automotive Applications

Semyra Vasquez-Borucki

Infineon Technologies AG


The integrated circuits (ICs) to be applied in the automobile industry are qualified according to the Automobile Electronic Council AEC Q100 standard. Since 2014 the AEC Q100 Rev H requests the assessment of mission profiles in close relation between Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and / or the Tier 1s (intermediary industry, supplying directly the OEMs) and the IC manufacturer.

A mission profile is the collection of relevant environment conditions, in which the IC will be exposed in a defined application. In this presentation, an anthology of best practices aimed for evaluating mission profiles of ICs for the automobile industry is shown.

An overview of the most applied models for thermal, thermo-mechanical and humidity loads is presented. The benefit of applying this method is to perform reliability predictions for targeted applications. The operation of a sensor in a car is taken as an example.