Lead-free Transition for the European Space Sector

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Lead-free Transition for the European Space Sector

Agustin Coello-Vera

Alter Technology


The European Space Sector can no longer avoid the need to plan and implement a managed transition to lead-free electronics. This stimulus comes from two fronts: Regulatory and Market pressures.

In the Regulatory front while the Space Sector was out of scope of the RoHS Directive, a new front has recently opened with REACH.

The Sector is also subjected to increasing Market pressures. Due to the overall transition of the Electronics Industry worldwide to a Pb-free realm, the Space Industry is more and more confronted with a situation where they cannot avoid using EEE parts with Pb-free coatings, notably COTS, and they need to manage the associated risks

These considerations have prompted the ESCC SCSB to launch a joint task force consisting of MPTB and CTB members to propose a “Roadmap and Plan for Pb-free transition”. This presentation will explain the issues at hand and give a status of its works