COTS to scalable Rad Tolerant and Rad Hard solutions

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COTS to scalable Rad Tolerant and Rad Hard solutions

Nicolas Ganry

Microchip Technology France


The space market is undergoing change as a result of new applications and business models emerging from an increase in private funding.

The space industry needs to address varying challenges in different markets that have the same structure and teams. In addition to more traditional Class I and Class II projects driven by Geospace (GEO) operators and space agencies, there is more demand for alternative solutions that provide significant cost reductions and better time to market for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) constellations and space exploration vehicles (i.e. launchers, rovers, robots). COTS solutions are increasingly used in these applications to address this new trend, but they bring concerns in regards to orbit evolution, mission duration and changing customer requirements.

Microchip offers both COTS-based and space-qualified devices to enable maximum system flexibility and design scalability for space applications. Developers can begin development with a COTS device before moving to one of  Microchip’s radiation-tolerant and radiation-hardened versions that offer varying levels of radiation performance. The COTS-to-radiation-tolerant and radiation-hardened approach combines the low-cost and large ecosystem benefits of Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) technology with space-qualified versions that have scalable levels of radiation performance.

Microchip ARM M7 System on Chip microcontroller and processor (MCU and MPU) unique scalable solution is now available with samples and qualified flights models.