(Almost Hi-rel) mass production SMD resistor components

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(Almost Hi-rel) mass production SMD resistor components for Newspace applications

Daniel Theis

Isabellenhuette Heusler GmbH & Co. KG


Besides the EEE-version of SMx resistor components accordingly to ESCC detail spec 4001027 provided by Isabellenhuette, the presentation will draw the conclusion for AEC-Q200 version of the same SMx resistor components family to be the preferred choice for applications in Newspace environments.

Based upon a detailed comparison of ESCC- and AEC-Q200 required qualification efforts the evidence of an almost Hi-rel nature of a mass production series component family will be given, along with an example of a tailored combination of a standard component with an upscreening service provided by Isabellenhuette for meeting the cost-down expectations of Newspace programs.

An overview of the most applied models for thermal, thermo-mechanical and humidity loads is presented. The benefit of applying this method is to perform reliability predictions for targeted applications. The operation of a sensor in a car is taken as an example.