These are some of the new products and content included in doEEEt recently. Check it out!



NASA Space Level BME (Base-Metal Electrodes) X7R MLCC Capacitor from KYOCERA AVX Components Corporation. BME technology compared with PME (Precious Metal Electrode) offers some advantages such as downsizing case sizes, weight reduction, and an advanced capacitance-voltage capability. These capacitors are tested according to Military specification standards and also comply with NASA space specification S-311-P-838.

ISL71934MRTZ First RF Space Product Release by RENESAS (INTERSIL). ISL71934MRTZ is a radiation-tolerant, low insertion loss, 50ohm SP2T absorptive RF switch with a wide range of wireless and communications applications. From 50MHz to 6000MHz, this device’s frequency coverage is extensive. ISL71934MRTZ comes in a Rad tolerant Plastic package (3x3mm TQFN-16). Total Ionizing Dose (TID) up to 30krad(Si) and Single Event Latch (SEL) and Burnout (SEB) up to 43MeV cm2/mg.

New release of Analog Devices Space Qualified Part List. The latest edition has expanded the range of Commercial Space products (Plastic/COTS). Here are the new devices:


12-Bit, 10.25 GSPS, JESD204B, RF Analog-to Digital Converter

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Octal, 14-Bit, 65 MSPS Serial LVDS 1.8 V Analog-to-Digital Converter

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3.5 GPSP Direct Digital Synthesizer with 12-Bit DAC

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3.3 V, 20 Mbps RS485 / RS422 Transceiver

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17 GHz to 22 GHz, 4-Beam and 4-Element, Ka-Band Beamformer

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27.5 GHz to 31 GHz, 4-Beam and 4-Element, Ka-Band Beamformer

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Commercial Space Grade MDMB SERIES connectors from C&K. MDMB are microminiature connectors with removable crimp contacts that comply with Specification CS FR048. These devices are manufactured in the same ESA-qualified site, through the same piece parts, with lighter controls, documentation, and traceability, and are compatible, interchangeable, and interconnectable with ESA products.

NX1H35AS Radiation Hardened NG-MEDIUM FPGA from NanoXplore. It has recently been listed in ESCC QPL under certificate 382. This device is based on 65nm STM C65-SPACE process technology, and the qualified version is available in CQFP-352 and CLGA-625 packages. It is radiation tolerant, with TID up to 30krad(Si) and SEL up to 60MeV cm2/mg. A plastic version and other screening levels are also available.

Sub-QML screening flows of RTG4 radiation tolerant FPGA from Microchip. In addition to traditional screening flows, Microchip has developed new flows called Sub-QML intended for new space applications. There are three Sub-QML screening flows available, Reduced, Mil-Ceramic and Mil-plastic. At doEEEt, we have all the screening versions available, filtered by quality level to view it.