Crowdtesting Open Project




500 kSPS, 8-Channel, Software-Selectable,

True Bipolar Input, 12-Bit Plus Sign ADC, TSSOP-20


SET Tests:

  • Start with the lowest LET
  • Maximum number of LETs: 5
  • Minimum 2 DUTs should be measured
  • Test until fluence of 1.0E+7 ions/cm² is reached, or 100 transients/upsets are monitored
  • TID equivalence will be provided.
  • Calculation of cross-section from the counted SETs
  • In case of events, LET threshold and saturation should be visible and the Weibull fit of event cross-section will be provided.
  • Worst case SET should be documented in terms of magnitude and pulse

SEL Tests:

  • Test with the highest LET approx. 60 MeV/mg/cm²
  • Test at 85°C with a fluence of 1.0+7 ions/cm²
  • Maximum number of LETs: 2
  • Test minimum 2 DUTs
  • Monitoring the current of the supply to detect latch-ups. The device tested under STM specified operating conditions.
  • Output monitored to ensure device functionality during the irradiation.
  • Test will be repeated without a guard in case of an event
HIF Ion table

HIF Ion table


  • Campaign will start in Q3/2021 (for order reception before End of July)


No. Every user/company that decide to join a project will receive the assurance through and NDA that ALTER won’t share nor disclose any sensitive information related to the company, project, application or similar

When a new project is launched, we estimate the number of users based mainly in the interest expected and the total price of the activity. When the campaign ends we can face 3 scenarios:

  • The number of users requested has been reached à then the project can start
  • The number of users enrolled is above the requested at the beginning à the project will start, however, you will receive a notification to modify your order to reflect a lower price resulting from dividing the cost among the total number of users
  • The number of users enrolled is below the requested at the beginning à then the project can’t start automatically. In this situation, you will receive a notification indicating the new price, which will be higher since fewer users are collected. If all the users involved accept the new conditions, the project will start.

Most of the components for which we create a project are commercial grade. In this cases, the Manufacturer doesn’t grant Single Lot Date Code when ordering. Even if our purchasing team will do its best to receive all parts from the same Date Code we can’t assure this. In case multiple date codes are received, the test plan will be modified to distribute the different date codes among the activities. The screening will be performed 100% although the contrary is explicitly indicated

The campaigns have a fixed duration which is indicated on the project page information.

The price indicates the total cost you need to pay for performing the activity. Price of the parts is apart from this amount. When filling the form to join a project you need to indicate how many Flight Model pcs you would like to receive.

In case you would like to join the same project in a second time, then development cost will be deducted from the price you will pay meaning that you will only pay for the parts and the specific testing to be carried out.

Parts submitted to test thanks to the crowdtesting can be made public if all parties agree. In such a case, if another customer shows interest in these parts but did not participate in the crowdtesting, the previous participants will be reimbursed with a proportion of the previously paid NRE.

This depends on the needs of these users and the current availability of attrition parts. We can accept users once the testing has begun under the basis that this new user won’t impact in the committed conditions with the original users.

Alter Technology will propose the test conditions a per the ones announced in the campaign, however particular conditions can be agreed whether it doesn’t impact the overall campaign. In case of particular conditions are added, ATN can’t grant there will not be a modification of the price agreed based on the standard conditions. Reporting can be customized as part of the standard process

In case there is a component in a campaign which requires an export license, ATN will handle the export approval at no added cost.

Yes, of course! Fill the form ‘Start a new project’ and tell us which is your need. Our engineers will get in contact with you to define the details of the campaign.


  • 500 kSPS, 8-Channel, Software-Selectable, True Bipolar Input, 12- Bit Plus Sign ADC

  • Single Event Effect

  • Total number of users: 2
  • Users already registered: 1
  • SAVING 7.970€


MAOC-009263 - MACOM

7.8-8.7GHz InGaP HBT-based voltage controlled oscillator for frequency generation


8 GHz 19-Bit Fractional-N PLL, SiGe BiCMOS process

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MAOC-009263 – MACOM

7.8-8.7GHz InGaP HBT-based voltage controlled oscillator for frequency generation



8 GHz 19-Bit Fractional-N PLL, SiGe BiCMOS process


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