CrowdTesting | How it works?

What is the Crowdtesting Platform?

Well, it is a place where different users can join a specific testing campaign but sharing the costs among them. ALTER executes the activities but thanks to the fact that there are several users interested in the price you are paying have a reduction compared to the normal price. As a result, included in the price, you will receive 50 flight model pieces (included in the announced price).

…then, Other users would know about your project?

The answer is NO. ALTER will keep privacy so that no information is made public and every user enrolled will receive a customized report and after-sales service. ALTER is ready to sign an NDA to provide further confidence.

Why should you make use of the crowdtesting campaign?

COTS in Space is nothing new, actually every day more and more the percentage of COTS components compared to the ‘traditional’ one is increasing. However, there is still not a clear and homogeneous policy to follow when using these components. With the Crowdtesting Platform, we are offering a full qualification and screening to have enough assurance. Still, with a disruptive approach: you will pay much less compared to doing these activities on your own.

Interesting, but you would like to qualify another part reference, could you make use of the platform to reduce your costs?

The answer is YES. The Crowdtesting Platform is open for everyone who would like or have a need to perform a test flow on any EEE part to achieve a cost reduction.

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