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DS experience vs the selection, procurement and use of automotive parts in space programs

Simon Alber

Airbus D&S


Airbus D&S is a major player in the New Space and Constellation market, as well as in the traditional Space  sector.

As such, we have gained extensive experience in dealing  with  automotive  components.  Automotive  components  are  of  tremendous  and continuously increasing importance for current and future space programs. However, there are differences and challenges when using automotive parts in comparison to traditional Hi-Rel EEE components.

We share our broad experience on handling the  complete end-to-end supply chain process from the EEE  manufacturer, to the final use of automotive components in space programs. There will be special focus on the definition of automotive components & standards, the motivation of using automotive components in space programs, the selection, procurement and use of automotive components in space programs and the main differences compared to traditional approaches.
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