ACCEDE 2022 | Workshop on COTS Topics


Positions versus COTS

ACCEDE event will provide answers to the following questions and doubts:

Present agencie’s position

LSIs views, what should agencies do

Equipment and EEE components manufacturers’ view, what should agencies do

Should “de-regulation” be supported? And how to guarantee quality, functionality, and performance in this case

Insurance companies perspective

COTS Guidelines NASA, ESA…

COTS EEE, mission classification, equipment categorisation

Will mission classification and equipment categorization help with COTS SEE component adoption, How?

How EEE policy must be tailored to each case

The issue of lot homogeneity, how to tackle it?

How to access manufacturers’ information

Variability Lot to Lot, and within a Lot

Test data: reliability, radiation, … the accessibility, data share,…

Technological challenges

How to positively respond to reliability challenges

How to positively respond to radiation challenges (SEE). Especially for destructive events. 

How to positively respond to radiation challenges (TID, TNID)

Lead-Free transition, new soldering approaches other materials constrains

COTS testing

Board and module instead of component level testing

Test process for New COTS Technologies

New test approaches: LASER SEE

Lesson learnt and use cases

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