The AUSA Annual Meeting Agenda consists of cutting-edge presentations, panel discussions on pertinent military and national security subjects, as well as, a variety of topic-specific seminars. In addition, there will be dozens of professional development events featuring key leaders from the Army, DoD and Congress that will give important presentations about the future of the Army and national defence.

Program Highlights Include:

  • AUSA Institute of Land Warfare (ILW)
  • Contemporary Military Forums
  • AUSA Military Family Forums
  • Sergeant Major of the Army NCO and Soldier Forum
  • Small Business Seminar
  • Warrant Officer Professional Development Seminar
  • Development Seminar
  • Director, Army National Guard Seminar
  • Chief, United States Army Reserve Seminar
  • Pre-Retirement/Survivor Benefit Plan Briefing
  • Numerous International Networking events
  • Department of the Army Civilian Professional Development Seminar
  • Department of Homeland Security Breakout Sessions

The Institute of Land Warefare (ILW) Contemporary Military Forums
The Institute of Land Warfare (ILW) Contemporary Military Forums ILW carries out a broad program of discussion panels to review the current and emerging needs of today’s military hosted by Army leaders and industry members.

AUSA Military Family Forums
These forums provide a venue for military and civilian leadership to address Army family issues and to introduce new organizations, initiatives, and programs. Visit the Family Readiness Pavilion to connect with organizations that support military families.