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ST value proposition for New Space

Thibault BRUNET



New Space more and more looks like a large continuum ranging from unique cubesat with low criticality and mission profile up to small constellation with requirements close to traditional GEOsat, via large constellations focusing on the cost of ownership of a service, all looking at components packaged in plastic as the ultimate solution.

Building on its 40 year experience in Space components, ST is proposing a segmented approach with 3 specific value propositions, addressing the requirements and business potential of 3 key segments: traditional GEO Class 1 and 2 missions with it rad-hard ESCC / QML-V qualified products, cubesat with its commercial and automotive products “as is” and constellations with some level of criticality and mission profile with its new LEO series.

The presentation provides details on the manufacturing, qualification and screening flows, as well as on the quality and logistic frameworks. The status of the first products of the series is finally presented.