Space Equipment with COTS Parts – from design to product

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Space Equipment with COTS Parts - from design to product

Jens Haala

TESAT Spacecom


For New Space equipments the price is usually the most critical parameter. However, technical requirements must also be met. In order to meet both goals Equipment and EEE-Parts engineer need to establish an efficient interworking. Both sides have to provide and want to obtain information. The start of this process is usually either an existing classic space equipment or a functional block design of a new equipment.

The output should be a EEE-parts list that is sufficient for the developers to make the detailed design of the equipment and does meet the price targets. There are different phases needed to reach this goal.  Tesat has performed the tasks for several New Space projects and have gained lots of experience.

The presentation will show the process to obtain the EEE-parts list and will show which information is needed from the two sides of the interface between equipment and parts engineer.