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Commercial components vs lead-free terminations; how to manage it?

Cedric Clement

Airbus Defence and space


The use of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) parts is an interesting option to improve the designs performance and meet cost objectives of the New Space as well as traditional missions.

Some COTS suppliers can propose tin lead finish, but most of them comply with RoHS, meaning Pb-free finishes.

In this presentation, several aspects of the lead-free terminations will be addressed. First, the finish selection will be presented, taking into account the compatibility with the current SnPb mounting process and also with a future lead-free mounting process.

That includes some specific points to be detailed, like lead-frame materials, balls, under-layers, finish materials… Most of the COTS have 100% tin finish, so the pure tin management will be part  of  this  presentation:  in  term  of termination  selection,  whisker-free  guaranty  and alternative mitigation will be discussed.