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Why using COTs when Low-cost Radiation Hardened devices available?




NanoXplore is a privately owned fabless company based in France, with roughly 30 years experience in the design, test and debugging of Programmable Logic devices.

Thanks to that background, NX has been awarded a contract by European Space Agencies, ESA and CNES to develop and to industrialize Radiation Hardened Sram-based FPGA devices under both ESCC and DLA quality standards in order to increase the FPGA offer.

Why using COTs when Low-cost Radiation Hardened devices available?

Taking into account the large spectrum of requirements from the Space sector, moving from Telecommunications GEO satellite with 18-20 years life cycle, to Observation Satellites operating in LEO and New Space demand looking for Low-cost solutions with max 5 years life-cycle, NanoXplore has defined a complete offering, fitting with end-user dream.

Inside the presentation, we will cover mainly 2 topics:

  • 1st one will consist to address packaging material, I mean Ceramic versus Organic packages,
  • 2nd one will address relevant Quality standards with NX proposal Quality flows and pricing level versus Quantity.

Last and most important point, we will confront NX lowest-cost solution versus COTS devices.

Then, it will be time for ‘Questions & Answers’ session.