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Cryogenic 4K Capacitors Thermal Test

Cryogenic 4K Capacitors Thermal Test

Javier Rodríguez
November 30, 2021
The lowest cryogenic temperatures achievable with liquid nitrogen systems are 77K. To lower temperatures further, it is necessary to use other systems. Helium cryostats can use this noble gas to cool...
Testing Of Small Space Equipment

Testing of Small Space Equipment

Javier Rodríguez
November 30, 2021
A space simulation system, developed entirely by the Optoelectronic department, has been implemented for some time. This system has managed to reach pressure values ​​of 10-7mbar and temperatures betw...
Prototyping a 1200V SiC Schottky diode for TWTAs

Prototyping a 1.2kV SiC Schottky diode for TWTAs

Javier Alejandro de la Ossa Fernández
November 29, 2021
The importance of SiC devices in the power electronics field and how this can be particularly useful in space applications. Also, we set the foundations for a SiC diode that complies with the optimize...
TDK Expands its Range of Coupled Inductors

TDK Expands its Range of Coupled Inductors

doEEEt Media Group
November 26, 2021
The nine series types cover an inductance range of 2 x 2.2 µH to 2 x 47 µH and are designed for maximum rated currents of 1.1 A to 4.3 A. The RoHS-compliant chokes are certified in line with AEC-Q200...
SMD Inductor in 7575 Case Size

SMD Inductor in 7575 Case Size

doEEEt Media Group
November 26, 2021
The inductor released today is optimized for energy storage in DC/DC converters up to 2 MHz and high current filtering applications up to the SRF of the inductor. Applications for the device include n...
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Testing Methods EEE Parts

Failure analysis

Doing Failure Analysis in EEE Parts

Mari Carmen López
March 29, 2020
Failure analysis is the process of analysing the component data or the component itself to determine the reason(s) for degraded performance or catastrophic failure of a component either, during component manufacturing an...
New Whiskers Phenomena

New Whiskers Phenomena?

doEEEt Media Group
August 1, 2020
Some PCBAs were submitted to a whisker test +85°C 85% RH for 200h duration and additional 2h from +85°C/85% RH-T° +25°C/50% RH 5 Cycles
Environmental test2

Types of stress applied on Environmental Test

Emilio Cano García
December 22, 2019
Environmental testing provides a useful tool for evaluation, qualification and screening of EEE components for high-reliability applications. Various types of stresses can be applied to the products in a controlled mann...


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